VIP Lounge Amman Civil Airport

The project includes renovating and remodeling the old lounge building; and for this purpose JP Jets used JADS to develop the existing building and redesign it into a luxurious VIP Terminal serving the vast volume of private jets and top VIP passengers.

Additionally, with the increased capacity planned for the new terminal, JP Jets will benefit from JADS airport marketing in order to increase the volume of flights and number of passengers to maintain the optimum employment of the renovated terminal.

The new design of the lounge utilizes every available space of the current building to its optimum use and therefore making the new Lounge a comprehensive station for VIP passengers and air crew members.

In addition to the main VIP Hall, it will include a Private Royal Lounge, a Business Center, Pilots Lounge, Five-star Buffet, a Duty-Free Shop and an International Hotel Reservation Desk.


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